Magnum Ice Cream – Philippine Edition

It started this March when I started to notice people starting to post stuff saying how delicious this new ice cream is. I mean, it’s always in my news feed. I got curious myself so I finally bought one myself. The first flavour I’ve tasted was “chocolate with almonds”. I instantly fell in love with this ice cream. I said to myself, “oh, what they’re saying is true, it’s very delicious”. The wrong about it is that I assumed that I’ll like all of its flavours. I even read a testimony from my neighbour that he’s willing to trade his daily beer for a bar of Magnum. After tasting it, I texted my mom and told her to buy A LOT and so she did. But, what she bought was the “classic” flavour. After tasting it, I said to myself, “Ok, it’s still delicious, but I think it’s too expensive with the absence of almonds”. My mom actually said that the one with almonds is a bit more pricey, but in the stores that I went to, they’re just the same.I was able to finish up 6 Magnums in the weekend and they are all in classic flavours. That’s my testimony that it’s still delicious. But everytime I finish one, I can’t help but think that I just ate a 50 pesos worth of ice cream. Yeah, that is its worst con. Then just yesterday, I was finally able to taste its last variant available in the Philippines, the chocolate truffle. It’s also delicious, but it’s too sweet for my taste. It’s a chocolate coated chocolate ice cream so yeah.

After all my Magnum experiences, I can’t help but be bothered, people are actually hating/disliking this ice cream. I just recently discovered that it’s being advertised as a socialite ice cream. I, as one of the people who liked it, creeped-out, I mean, I buy ice cream because I find it delicious and not because of my status in society. There are comments that I always read and one of them is “overrated”. I mean, I think it’s, but if the people who have tasted it really liked it that much, then I can’t blame them because it’s their tongue that sends signal to their brain that this ice cream is the most delicious. Another word is “overhyped”. In this one, I have to agree. But like every overhyped things, it’ll eventually go down sooner than you think so I don’t have much worries about that. It’s the natural circle of life. Some say that it isn’t delicious, but like what I’ve said earlier, it’s nobody’s fault. But there will always be comments that I find VERY HILARIOUS, they said that it’s oftenly called “the social climber ice cream”. I mean, duh? If I eat one then I’m a social climber? A totally uncalled for, but I assume that it’s just a hyperbole. Also, others say that only them knows what “delicious” truly means. Magnum is not that and only their taste buds can detect it. I know, it’s a joke and quite frankly, I laughed.

My thoughts are, don’t buy the classic, even though it’s also delicious. Buy the chocolate truffle or the one with almonds if you want to get the most out of your money. But if you can’t afford one, then don’t. There are many alternative, Magnum isn’t the only ice cream out there. A friendly advise from me, don’t hate on an ice cream that you haven’t tasted yet. Maybe the comments you’ve read came from your very trustworthy friends, but definitely, you have different tastes. Also, don’t hate it or the people who buy it just because you hate how it’s being advertised. Lastly, taste it once or twice (different flavours of course) so that you’ll know to yourself on how it really tastes :)

Happy New Year!

I’ve always thought of a very good title for this post, it’s so epic that I’ve started thinking about it ever since the start of the year. No seriously, have a blast this new year!

Anyway,  many things have happened, both good and bad, but in the end, I’m glad with the outcome.

Highlights of my 2011

1. Got face-to-face to people whom I offended

– Yes, early this year, I offended this guy who has a very high position in a Pinoy based mecha group. Well, things didn’t went good at first, but in the end, it was peaceful.

2. Bye-bye reports

– I’m not a BIA anymore, I’m officially a developer already. I gave so much passion and dedication in it that I got…..

3. A Tuberculosis

– Yes, I was freaking going overtime like 12 hours and more, like 3 times a week just to finish the schedule on time. Though I keep on doing it, it still got delayed because of inevitable circumstances. But in the end, I’m still happy that I got out from being a reporter and i’m finally doing what I really want.

4. Not just kits and I figured it out

The sentence doesn’t make sense at all. I just made it what way, LOL! What I mean is that, besides buying model kits, I went beyond that I also bought figures this time. Not Gundams, but Kamen Riders. Well, I’m a fan of the franchise as well, that I can’t deny, but I didn’t really see me buying these. The greatest factor maybe is that I can’t paint, I can’t do gunpla beyond sanding and snap-fitting kits. Anyway, I’m in no way regretting this decision. Figures are much easier to sell, I think, than painted gunpla kits.

5. Rode another plane

When I was still a BIA, I rode a plane, but to a place that I don’t like. Well, at least the people are VERY LIKABLE.

6. Seohyun exposed

Well, it’s the best fitting word. I mean, she’s not even showing her skin above her cleavage line. That’s how CONSERVATIVE she is before. But somehow, the shock of our, seofans, lives came. She wore a VERY low-cut dress and a push-up bra, making her boobs look big. Well, hers is not big at all, but, definitely, not small either. Besides that, after that event, her dress is always giving a hint of her cleavage, which is good since she’ll be now comfortable wearing such clothes. It’s not like she’s going to cover it her entire life. However, I think she’s adjusting way too fast. I have no such issues with her exposing cleavage, but going to a club? I know the ambiance of going to a club and since she’s a celebrity, she won’t really get that REAL ambiance because she has a lot of friends with her. But I’m afraid that someday, she’ll go clubbing by herself (or with some friends) during her free time and she just went instantly wild. I can see that possibility, but I think I’m just over thinking.

7. Good interns are good

Yes, I’m proud of what they’ve reached, learned and the changes in their lives. Congratulations!

8. Double-up the plan!

Well, I already got one planner at Starbucks. However, it’s not I who used it. I gave it to mom, some extra stuffs went to my friend. Then, my mom gave it to his friend, LOL! Now, I’m in the process of getting another one. To tell you honestly, I’m not going to Starbucks just to get a planner. It’s more of I’m addicted to their Chicken Pesto Sandwich. Of course, I just don’t buy a sandwich without a frappe beside right?

9. More Gunpla news

The news just went on fast, we have already been informed of the upcoming releases up to May for next year. It’s VERY surprising in the part of Bandai. But I guess, they already announced releases for other toyline that they have up to the month of May as well.

10. Redblondemean

My review blog just hit, 6k views? Of course, it’s BAD, VERY BAD. But that’s because I don’t have much free time and I didn’t make it as entertaining as it should be. It’s just STRAIGHT TO THE POINT so typically, it ended up VERY boring and lame. Besides, most of the kits and figures I review ARE MOSTLY red. But I am not regretting the effort I gave to it. As I’ve said, its main mission is to help others decide, besides the usual reviews they see on the net.

So basically, that’s it. i’m looking forward to next year now that I’ve ordered a massive kit this January and soon, another red MG will be released this March and I’ll be getting it for sure.

Gundam Toyline

No, I’m not gonna discuss the whole toyline, instead, just the things I know. If you really want to know EVERYTHING, then search for it yourself. I even doubt that there’s a complete information about everything. So if you find this article VERY LACKING, I’m so sorry but it wasn’t made to be complete.

I just want to say this because: First, I don’t want people to get confused. Second, help people who know nothing. Lastly, share what I know and hopefully, people can share theirs too.

Gunpla (Gundam Plastic – Model Kits)

I know, it started during 80s right? I’m not quite sure if it really started during 80s or late 70s. But it’s very old nevertheless. Back then, kits are glued together, yes, by use of plastic cement I guess or something that can stick pieces together. Also, details aren’t that good. Most of the parts are molded in one color, I’m not sure though. Nevertheless, you have to detail it yourself. Lastly, they aren’t that (or maybe not at all) articulated.

Whenever I say scale, I meant the size of the model. Examples: 1/100, 1/144 and the like. Whenever I say grade, I meant Fg, HG, MG and the like.

So far, these are the toylines that I know for model kits that Bandai has.

SD (super Deformed)

I know it’s called super deformed, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, they are the chibi versions of the MS. They might be out of scale since they aren’t meant to be in the first place. The striking feature of these are their over-sized heads. If you’re resourceful enough, the heads are actually compatible in most HG and even MGs. Try it yourself.

SDs during 90s

The DS I know from that era are from Gundam Wing. Of course, there are UCs as well, but generally, SDs from UC were still getting releases up to now. But if you’ll notice, SDs from that era doesn’t have legs. If you’ll compare the heights of the old ones against newer ones, they latter are a bit taller.

SDs of the new millennium

I only have two SDs and they both belong to the newer generation. They are Sinanju and Destiny. Of course, I love them. But like the usual, if you play with them too much, their joints will get loose rather quickly. The thing that sets newer ones apart from older ones are the extra gimmicks. I know 3 SDs so far that had these. I’m not sure if that are more, but they are Sinanju, Unicorn and Wing EW. They can do things that they weren’t able to do in the anime/manga. Not even their higher scaled counter part can do those.

SG 1/200

Pretty quick and easy to build kits. Living by its name “Speed Grade”.

FG 1/144

Crappy scale, aimed towards kids. Very low detailed kits. But at least, it got joints for it to move.

AG 1/144

“Advanced Grade” or AG. Crap like FGs, but at least details were a lot better, but suffers in articulation department BIGTIME instead. I don’t know why it’s even called AG in the first place.

HG 1/144

I think this grade started during Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Their 1/144 line were called HGs. Though there are HG 1/144 from Age, 00, Seed, Seed Destiny and UC as well, numbering system for each are separate and different. HGs from Gundam Wing EW, Age, 00, Seed and Seed Destiny are series exclusive, while UC is the combination of UC, FC, and AW timelines. That’s the reason why Shining Gundam and friends are categorized together with the rest of HGUC kits in Dalong’s review site.

HGs from UC is commonly called HGUC. Rarely people do use HGAW, HGFC, HGCE and the like when referring to kits that came from its respective timeline.

HG 1/144 is the most active line thus far. It has the most number of choices. Whenever a new MS appears, it’s the line to gets a release first.

NG 1/144

There are 1/144 scaled kits that has no “HG” label on it. People commonly were confused on what difference does these kits have. So they decided to call it “No Grade” or “NG”. There are some resin kits that were called “Neograde” and to make it short, called it “NG” as well. Don’t get confused between the two. NG 1/144 started way before, anything that doesn’t have a label of its grade can safely be labeled as NGs. Of course, detail wise, NGs are LOWER CLASS that its HG counterpart. There is no way it can surpass its HG counterpart.

RG 1/144

One of the latest addition to the line. RG which stands for “Real Grade”. Most people say it’s an MG in 1/144 scale. But with  its not anime accurate details, I think I’ll rather say they are PG in 1/144 scale. Its main feature is having pre-assembled joints. They actually call those ” advanced joints”. Also, they aren’t anime accurate. They’re more of a funky version of the MS. They also have reflective stickers all over, particularly, in the joints.

The first release was, not surprisingly, Grand Daddy Gundam or RX-78-2.

It’s a line that I’m hesitant to try since parts are too little and my arms aren’t stable and big. It currently has the fewest choices thus far. But I’m expecting it to surpass the number of PG kits.

HG 1/100

This line long existed and now is completely not used. 1/100s from Victory, G, Wing and X are called HGs. Maybe at that time it’s worthy to of its name, but now, errr… Anyway, I think there are no 1/100 at that time that weren’t called HG. I’m not sure if Turn A 1/100s are called HGs too.

NG 1/100

This is where people always make mistakes. Anything that has no label on it and is a 1/100 scaled gunpla is considered as an NG 1/100 and not as an HG 1/100. Some people label their kits as “HG 1/100″ either because they want to make it look better or they simply didn’t know. Worse is that people sell their kits using this label. Though it’s no big deal, it’s actually for me. I’ll repeat, IT’S AN ISSUE for me ONLY. Why? Because if I know nothing about gunpla and I see two items, one is called “1/100″ and another is called “High Grade 1/100″, then I’ll buy the latter, which is unfair since they are basically just the same kit.

Well, this started, I don’t really know… But most of the NG 1/100 I know started with Seed. It’s the time they labeled their 1/144 as HGs and 1/100 with nothing. I’m not quite sure now if it actually started to Turn A kits.

So far, there weren’t any NG 1/100 for 00 movie and Age. Makes me think that they totally abandoned this grade already.

MG 1/100

The scale and grade that I personally like the best, Master Grades! They have inner frame, also have cockpits wherein the pilot sits inside. I think this started even before the year 2000. Of course, older MG are crap. Doesn’t move at all and the only thing you can brag about it are its inner frame. But nowadays, MGs became promising. They became super articulated, capable of recreating scenes from the anime. Anime accurate and highly detailed, good straight out of the box. Seamlines were minimal, design for armors and such became a lot better. More gimmicks, like lighting effect through LED and pegs for more secure weapon handling.

There are, of course, fewer choices than HGs. The most common trusted formula if Bandai will make an MG is when its HG counterpart sold well or popular enough (they are correlated however).

HG-EX 1/60

The only HG-EX I’ve known so far is the God Gundam. I’m not knowledgeable enough about this grade, that’s why.

NG 1/60

Just like NG 1/100, most NG 1/60 were also confused as HG 1/60. To think that they’re just HG 1/144 in 1/60 scale. Yeah, just zoomed in versions you might say. For those who like BIG HGs, this is the thing for you. But don’t ever call these HG 1/60 because they’re not and it seriously irritates me deep inside.

PG 1/60

The biggest scale and the highest of all grades. Just like MG and RGs, they also come with inner frame. The number of things that you can do with these BIG BABIES is A LOT. Details are just superb. There are even some metal parts (to add support I guess).

Disadvantage of course, rather than poor number of choices, is the size and price. Most are willing to save to get these actually, but the size really is a BIG bother.

Mega Size 1/48

Yet, another HG 1/144 in terms of quality, but in much bigger scale. They are the biggest scale so far, that is in plastic form of course. The choices are rather few and they’ve even haven’t reached beyond the number of your fingers. So far, 4 has been released, I think. RX-78-2, Char’s Zaku, ordinary Zaku II and Age-1 Normal.

They are cheaper than most PG 1/60 though they are bigger in scale because they’re just big bulk of plastic. I don’t think I’ll ever be in this scale.

EX 1/400

These grade and scale are mostly for Space Ships. Archangel and Ptolemaios are just some of the examples. I haven’t been in this scale and I doubt I’ll ever be.

I know, there are a lot of things I missed. If you can help, you can tell me :)


Gundam is not exclusive to Plastic Models only. They also have figure lines. They have two popular figure lines, unfortunately, one didn’t survive the race.


High Complete Model Progressive, that is what HCM stands for. Yes, they are complete, almost as they don’t have panel lines that you have to do it yourself. But nevertheless, these figures are VERY GOOD! The main downside, maybe, is the scale. They are all in 1/200 scale, a scale which I won’t ever enter. A scale that I won’t ever enjoy. They are too small that you might lose some parts rather easily.

I’m not sure if this is a fact, but I think there hasn’t been any release for this line anymore. According to HLJ, the last was Jagd Doga and was released this March 2011. But that’s it, I think.

Super HCM Pro

They are all in 1/144 scale and their price is even far greater than MGs. So what would you rather buy then? Well, truth is, its price is just right if you’re gonna consider the things it has to offer. They are already decaled, completely painted, has pegs for the hands so that they can hold the weapon well (like most recent MGs), weapon rack, internal details and great articulation. The downside is maybe the number of choices. So far the releases were: RX-78-2, Char’s Zaku, ordinary Zaku II, Exia and Unicorn.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been new releases lately and I don’t think they’ll continue to produce anything in this line.

Robot Spirits (Robot Damashii)

Spirits = Damashii, get it? Well, I’ve been asking a lot of people lately and they said that these figures aren’t in 1/144, it’s somewhat smaller. I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t in a standard scale. But you can safely say that they’re close to 1/144. It’s the strongest figure line of Gundam so far. As a matter of fact, it still has releases and upcoming releases. Though for me, I don’t really like their figures. Besides that most of their figures are available in HG 1/144, their details didn’t appeal me. I’d still prefer HCM Pros everytime, in terms of details that is, and Super HCM Pros, in all of its glory.

Well, there you have it. It’s still a general list, and I’m planning to add more, yet, again details so that it can help a lot more people. Gundam merchandises aren’t just limited to this. These are the mainstream products and they still have gashapons and the like.

I’ll continue this lesson maybe tomorrow, I still have some things to do like SLEEPING. Maybe after I finish this, I’ll post this @ my review site via tutorials/information page section.

A *personal Rant Post

Be warned that this blog post will be a combination of our native language, “Filipino” and “English. I want to, I’m pissed so no language can bar me from expressing my depression.

Yes, I do love my mom. But she pissed me this evening. Well, she’s actually the one pissed off me. There was no time that only one got pissed. It’ll always be the two of us when we argue. Good thing is that it’s not as bad as it looks. I think we’ll talk to each other later this day or tomorrow. Nothing like our quarrels a long time ago that took at least a month for us to talk again.

Well, it started when she asked me whether the polo that she bought me (which I didn’t like that’s why she decided to gave it to someone else. She even told me that she’ll buy me a gunpla kit if I wear it. Unfortunately,  I can’t bear wearing such a horrible one, of course that depends in your taste.) will actually fit to a family friend’s. Truthfully, he’s more bulky, a bit. I’m also taller.

Me: Nope with a matching thinking face.

Mom: Why

Me: because that’s what I think

Mom: Give me specific reason as to why won’t it fit him

Me: ….. with a matching don’t ask me anymore face

Mom: Why are you like that? What if someone asks you, “Where’s the wake of blah blah?”

Me: Mom, that’s an important question.

Mom: In general, you don’t like being asked. Someday, you’ll understand the feeling of a parent. I hope that you’ll have son/daughter just like you.

Me: *WTF!* I don’t think I’ll ever ask my son/daughter a lot of questions. Well, I’m quiet and I don’t like asking questions *that doesn’t make sense. I even think he/she’ll ask me more than I’ll ask him/her*

Of course, I didn’t say words enclosed in**

We stopped talking after that. After I hear those word, I really thought the words she said to me. Will my son/daughter will ever be like me? What would be my reaction if I talked to a person similar to me? Then I thought, why the hell would I ask a stupid question and why the hell would I repeatedly ask a question when it’s already been answered?

To give you an example, last week, she made me fit some polo she bought. I’m a guy, and from one look, I’ll know immediately what I want to wear against not. I’m not the type of person who changes his opinion in a polo upon wearing it.

Me: I don’t like to wear or even fit that polo

Mom: No, wear it.

Me: Do you seriously think that this polo will look good when I wear it.

Mom: Just try it

Me: *tries* Wow, it really changed. I never had a polo like this, I like it *so obvious sarcasm*

That’s a level of sarcasm that no one wouldn’t know.

Mom: *problematic* What a pity, it’s brand is xxxx (It ain’t sponsored and I forgot the brand name, LOL). Now I have to return it. Seriously, why don’t you like it?

Me: *being lazy* Because I don’t like it

Mom: Why?

I know this won’t go anywhere so I have to quickly think of a way to prove her why I don’t like it even if i have to lie

Me: *light bulb* Mom, do you eat in cheap restaurants? I think i can hide their perfectly, like a camouflage.

Of course she gets it. I went to my sister to get her opinion.

Me: It looks like a table cloth, right?

Noona: Yes, a little bit *cuckles*

Me: See mom?

So now, she finally shuts. I already said many times that I was hungry during the process and now I can finally eat.

Weeks have passed. She now returned with a new set of polo and a black pants.

Mom: Try this

I saw another polo, which obviously came from the same store. It doesn’t differ that much from the earlier polo that sucked. Instead, it does have a strip design, contrary on the checkered design earlier, and it has now a color of blue instead of red. But pretty much, everything is the same like the thick thread stitches on the sides.

Me: *not again* *points on the fugly polo* I don’t like that. I bet it came from the same store. You’re pressured to choose from that same store since you’re already bought one right? I bet it’s a polo store that all of its choices are FORMAL; the reason why I didn’t know its brand name.

Mom: *OMG I’m caught face* Yes. Just try it.

Me: *ok face*

I tried the two and still didn’t like the sucky polo

Me: I still don’t like it

Mom: *problematic face* I’ll give it to other instead. Ok, try this pants.

I tried and it fits

Mom: Does it fit?

Me: Yes

Mom: It ain’t loose?

Me: Nope

Mom: You sure it fits?

Me: How many times are you going to ask the same question?

I know, those were different, but her first question can answer everything. How can something loose fit you?

Mom: Well, that’s life.

Do you now get it? There also times that I’m telling a story, but I keep it short and usually, you’ll ask some question; about two or three. But in her case, she’ll go on the details. AS IN DETAILS! I’m a man, and I want to keep things short. I’m not a very detailed and picky person. When I go to a store, I don’t go to the fitting room. I know my size already. And if I think that it won’t fit, I’ll try it, but once it does, I don’t go to the details. Like, does it hug my chest, does my tummy have space and the like. I really don’t want to be asked questions pertaining to details. Well, at times you can, but there are certain details that are very awkward to tell.

Truthfully, I’m annoyed the most with questions that are being repeated. Well, not just questions, but even words and sentences. Except for songs, of course. For me, sense isn’t a requirement for me to enjoy music. It may have or not have, for as long as I can enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom and I appreciate all the she’s done. But part of a relationship are imperfections that, of course, could annoy me like this.

Now that I have said this, I’m feeling BETTER already. Time to sleep :)

Life updates!

Yes, I’m alive. Remember my post that I had an asthma attack. Yeah, so from dry cough, it turned into asthma, but then, the worst thing have happened. Truthfully, just second ,the worst is cancer. I had Tuberculosis. Don’t worry, I’m fine. So far, I haven’t spit any blood nor I feel chest pains. I can even eat like a pig now, but never gets fat. Of course, that’s natural since I have to share some nutrients with the bacteria in my lungs. I’ll recover for about 6 months. I’m trying to avoid gunpla works until the vacation so that I could give my lungs the rest it deserve.

Since I heard the news about my condition, I was advised by the doctor to stay at home for two weeks. Tuberculosis is very contagious and I needed to take meds for two weeks. If I have improved after that period, then I can return to work after. Seriously, it put me into a lot of stress, that’s why I wondered and bought some stuff in HLJ. This is what I was talking about. Oh, did I ever mention that in that two weeks time, it will actually hit my birthday? So yes, I was at home and doing nothing but shopping at HLJ.

After that, I returned to my normal life, well actually, I’m still working from home during that time because I didn’t want to delay the project I’m currently assigned into. But of course, it’s inevitable that it will still be. Though I’ve returned, I’m really unable to do normal stuffs. I’m not allowed to carry heavy stuffs, I’m not even allowed to push myself. Yes, I’m like a prince for a while.

After a week have passed, I already got my MG Trans-Raiser as you can see here. It’ll be good if you also read the story. After a week, I actually ordered 3 of the LBX series kits. Of course, they’re red. You know who they are. I’m just curious on how they actually look. I’m very impulsive that’s why I bought 3 right from the start. I realized after that I should’ve bought just one instead of 3 to see if they’re really worth getting. Also, I got a plamo Pikachu. LOL! I know know, it’s not red. But undeniably, Pikachu is CUTE! I don’t use it in competitive battling, but hey, it’s a plamo :P I have some wild imagination going through in my mind thinking that I’ll turn it into my blog’s official mascot. Yes, modifying it and painting it red, LOL!

About gunpla stuffs, I also bought a 1/100 Zaku Warrior ( Luna Maria’s ). Yes, it’s red and I consider it uncommon. I was really glad that HLJ got it back in stock, so I ordered it but this time, I shipped it using SAL so it would take at least month before it comes. Sad news is, the reseller I know suddenly got back it in stock. i should’ve bought it at him instead, but I already placed my order and it was already shipped, SAD. I don’t think I’ll ever buy gundam related stuff this year for myself. If I’ll ever buy one, it’s because it’s my gift for exchange gift. I’m hoping I wouldn’t pick them :P Next year, my plans are to get MG Titus and MG Aegis (not confirmed, but I’m willing to bet it’s gonna be released. Might not be next year, but well, it will be a sure buy to me). I’m still unsure if I’ll be getting the MG Heavyarms EW. Maybe I’ll get it but not the time of its release.

Here comes the biggest announcement I have so far. You know that my review site is made solely for RED Gundam reviews. It maybe plamo or figures, but well, GUNDAMS in general. But I’m willing to change it to something different. It might turn out, still, to be a review site. But, not totally locked into Gundam related stuffs. I might add Kamen Rider, particularly S.H. Figuarts, Rockman/Megaman and LBX, as you’ve seen above that I bought them. Don’t worry, most of it will still be RED GUNPLA. But I think I might add some random stuff which I’m also fond of. It’s turning, pretty much, like Z’s review site now, LOL!

Maybe my next post will be about my thoughts on the upcoming releases, Gunpla and Kamen Rider related.

Gunpla Prediction 2012

Above video came from vegeta8259 of YT. Based on that, I would like to give my Gunpla prediction as well.

I think I’ve already shared a part of my prediction for 2012, but as of now, I can’t seem to find it. Like it really matters, I’ve mentioned in that post that I’ll revise it since it’ll most likely have many mistakes. But truthfully, it isn’t as far as you think.

Scrap my first prediction. This was actually composed yesterday afternoon and since I’m shocked about my condition, will make a post about it later, I wasn’t able to finish it until today, evening of November 04. Actually, 3 out of my 9 predictions were correct :)

So here are my predicted MGs, included are the releases recently announced. You read it here

1. Heavyarms EW (January release)

– Fans thought this will come out this year, but it’s been hinted many times that it won’t come out till next year. Earliest is January and thankfully, it will.

2. Duel Assault Shroud (February release)

– Now they’ve announced the new MG for the Seed series. Since HD remastering is an excuse to release kits, they made use of the opportunity well. Oh, who’s complaining about this release anyway? many people were actually surprised that this came out first. Aegis or Justice is no doubt more popular than this. But but looking at its design, it’s actually the closest, in terms of look, to Strike Gundam. This release actually gave some hope for Seed fans, when I said see fans, I actually meant fans of the mechs and not the story, LOL! The remaining first batch of GAT series now has a chance of getting an MG treatment as well. However, if they’ll ever make the other 3, then they’ll give most of their effort to Aegis since it’s one of the most unique transforming MS among all Gundam meta series, no doubt about it and its inner frame will surely be interesting to see. Making Blitz the next is actually a possibility since it can be milked out and make Gold Frame Amatu and Nebular Blitz, though I doubt it’ll happen.

3. Age-1 Normal (February release)

Yes, I’m not mistaken. If you read GG’s blog, then you’ll find out that there’s going to be 2 MG releases for this month. Bandai just proved that this month is the month of love. This actually belongs to my predictions, but it isn’t much of a prediction, really. It’s been announced last year that they’ll release this along with Titus and Spallow

4. Age-1 Titus (March release)

Sure, I’m gonna get this guy because you know why, it’s red, DUH?! Though Bandai announced that this will be released early, I’ve never thought that it’ll be right next to Age-1 Normal’s release.

5. Age-1 Spallow (April release)

My least favorite among its forms. It only got a single knife, which it holds rather cool. But besides that, he’s thin and fast. Again, along with Normal and titus, this belongs to my original prediction.

6. Gafran (May release)

Really now Bandai? This surprised me. I’ve never though it’ll have a release this early. Since this is a grunt suit, captain obvious will appear. This is gonna be another boobies for Bandai to milk :)

I’ve never thought that Bandai will make an announcement like this. They’ve actually announced MG release up to May, which is almost half year worth of MG releases. Now people will actually have to wait longer before speculating since we have a big gap till June 2012 release, which of course might be an RG. All people are left to speculate are the HG releases, which isn’t hard to do.

Now the true prediction begins

7. Nataku (high probability)

All that’s left to be released from the EW Wing line-up are three. Nataku, Heavyarms Kai and Sandrock Kai. These three are just recolors with some added weapons and I think, Nataku will be the next. C’mon, it defeated Wing Zero Custom :P

8. Hyaku Shiki 2.0 (medium probability)

In an interview with someone working in Bandai this year, he said that they’ll be considering to make Delta Gundam depending on the sales of Delta + and Hyaku Shiki 2.0 (I might be wrong about the sales thingy, but Hyaku Shiki 2.0 was mentioned). Oh, that only confirms that this kit will be made, LOL! What’s left to speculate is when. I’d say, it’s gonna be next year :)

9. V2 (high probability)

The Gundam that came in top out of all the MS in the survey that Bandai made last 2 years ago, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s about time that this kit gets released. I just don’t know if it will come with Buster and Assault packs.

10. Unicorn Banshee (high probability)

This is a so obvious prediction. Another boobie for Bandai, it’s good and many fans want it.

I only have 10 predictions, which usually is 9. But because Bandai actually gave us 2 Mg releases for February, I added another. Last three spots can be filled by RGs. Unless Bandai releases another PG, then my prediction would be screwed. But if I were to remove one, I’d say it’s Hyaku Shiki 2.0.

Honorable mention for MGs

1. Another MG from Unicron

Whatever that is, just don’t make it Geara Zulu

2. Reborns

00 Raiser is still a loner and needs a friend

3. Delta Gundam

Like I said, it’s possible depending on how Hyaku Shiki 2.0 fairs.


1. Gundam MK-II AEUG

There’s already a silhouette of this one and it’s just safe to say that this one’s next.

2. Justice

We haven’t had an MG for this, though I’m thinking that maybe we’ll get an MG of this sometime next year.

3. Gundam Mk-II Titans

Color change anyone?

That’s it for RGs though I have a feeling that we’ll actually get 4-5 RG kits next year :P


1. Lots of Seed Kits (remastered)

Have you seen the amount of HG kits that will be remastered? It’s almost like everything. Druggy trio suits, Justice, Providence Cgue and some are confirmed to be getting this treatment. I’m really not excited, they don’t have any improvement, articulation wise, at all.

2. Unicorn Banshee (DM and Lion mode)

Oh, it’s based on a lion instead of a Unicorn, that’s why I called it Lion mode, LOL! these two are so obvious, not that difficult to predict.

3. Shamblo (medium to low probability)

It’s been a while since we got a big HG and it’s about time. Based on Unicorn OVA 4 preview, this unit will rock the world, enough for it to have an HG treatment.

4. Rozen Zulu (high probability)

Like what vegeta8259 of YT have predicted, this has a high chance of getting an HG It’s based on Geara Zulu and Hamma Hamma and those have HGs so Bandai won’t actually have hard time doing this.

5. Rose, Maxter, Dragon and Bolt (medium probability)

Like Bandai have said, they’re focusing on FCUC kits. What’s else to release than this 4 right?

6. Devil Gundam (low probability)

It has many forms and the smaller the forms is, the higher its chance to receive an HG treatment.

7. Gundam Age line (100% probability)

Of course, it’s currently airing and it’s just right that they’ll release kits of it.

Well, that’s it for my predictions. I don’t do predictions for SDs since I don’t buy them a lot. I only have Sinanju and Destiny :P

SNSD’s comeback – The Boys

Yes, the girls are finally back. With very great expectations, they are now presenting us their 3rd full album. Yes, full; unlike their last, which was almost a year from now.

Honestly, I became a big fan of them because of their cute concept, though the first performance I watched was “Tell Me Your Wish”. Gee had me all unto them. Now, of course, I want them to do it AGAIN. But it’s expected that they won’t anymore. C’mon, they are growing. They are all at their legal age already and cute concept doesn’t really fit to them anymore, though I personally think they can still pull it off because they don’t look that old.

Anyway, upon watching this video, or rather all their comeback performances, I really thought that they were lipsyncing. I’ve heard their MV, which was obviously recorded, and it’s sounded pretty much the same as their live perf. They had me wrong upon hearing MR removed videos of their comeback.

So what are my basis for saying that their performance was lip-synched?

1. Yoona sang – with a little bit of twist? ( in our language, it’s called “kulot”. It’s something you do at the end of your part in a song. Pretty much like a mini vibrato. I’m not sure since I don’t study music :P )

2. Seohyun sang – without catching her breath and no signs on her face that she had a difficulty.

It really surprised me when it’s not. It shook me and made me realize how these two people have improved.

Now, I’m gonna rank them according to the most improved. This is based on a listeners knowledge which has no knowledge about musical terms and technicalities. Don’t give me that crap, “you can’t judge them, you’re not a singer yourself”. I’m an audience and I have my right to do so :P

1. Seohyun – I really can’t find it anymore, but she had a vid in YT wherein she sang the solo song of TaeYeon. She had difficilty in singing it as I can hear her catching her breath. IT’S SO OBVIOUS. Oh BTW, I’m a SeoHyun fan, she’s my bias, though I really think not because I criticize her :P Also, her face looks different during RDR days when she had to sing at the almost end part of the song.

2. Yoona – She can now sing normally. YAY!

That’s all, HAHA! I’m sorry, though I think other members have improved as well, HyoHyeon specifically. I don’t think it’s significant. How much parts did they have? On Yoona’s part, though her part is short, the result is so spectacularly obvious.

Disappointingly though, Tiffany had shorter parts. She didn’t even had high notes anymore. They decided to give it to Seohyun. Well, isn’t that just right? Seohyun is the third lead vocalist. Though Tiffany, the fourth lead vocalist, improved a lot during 2008 making her voice a staple during Gee and Himnae days. The main three singers for this song was Taeyeon, Jessica and Seohyun. Really, they handled most of the parts and they did great.

Honestly, at first, since their concept is not cute, I really have no plans in listening to it nor watching it. I guess I did because I’m in a situation wherein I say to myself, “You’re a fan of them, LISTEN to this!”. Yes, just for the sake of saying, “I listened to their song because I’m a fan”. I usually don’t listen a lot to a Kpop song unless seen that group perform it live. It’s rare for me to like a Kpop song which I haven’t heard live. But when it happens, that means it’s VERY GOOD. Now that I’ve seen them perform this live, w/o lipsynching. I already added this to my playlist. I’m fan and proud of the girls.

there were rumors that they’re going to debut at USA. Thankfully, they’re not. With all their recent activities, Yuri and Tiffany back as MCs at Music Core and HyoHyeon and Sunny being casted in Invincible Youth season 2, I don’t think they’ll have time to debut in USA. And that only means they’re not going to promote to Japan that often because they won’t have time. Good job SME :)


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